Lauren And Joel Married At Weddings At Tiffanys – 2018


Lauren and Joel married at Weddings at Tiffanys

She sings of apple trees and blossoms
And she called me from Dallas Love Field
As the winter storm warning went on taunting me
When we met we were two bright eyed alcoholics
In the spring time of the year of our lord
As we glanced the gilded edges of our identities

Whatever the way
Of the lover’s lot
Black as the kettle’s the hypocrite pot
Often than more, more often than not

So come here baby
In the dark and out
Ridin our bikes to the dive bar at the edge of town
Was it some shrill and false persona that was leadin’ me around?

Crossed the street from the bar to the cathedral and we heard vespers sung by the choir
And in ghostly vestments we waltzed down the aisle

To be honest babe I never saw you comin’ no
Though I did believe the world to be a starry dome

– Henry Jamison, Dallas Love Field

Photography – Talitha

Venue – Weddings at Tiffanys